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Archive for January 29th, 2014

In the Blink of An Eye

January 29, 2014

I look away from this journal for a minute and suddenly three weeks have passed. Fortunately, I have being doing pretty well keeping up with my photo a day project, so I need only look at those images to remind me where some of that time went.

The weekend after I posted my previous entry here, Mr. Karen and I attempted to go see Frozen but ended up at an ice festival instead when the movie was sold out. (We did see it the next day, at a different theater where there was not an ice festival going on across the street, and I liked it very much.)

Statue of Liberty in ice

The weekend after that, I took a quick trip to Chicagoland that turned into way more time on the road than I’d planned when I had the bad luck to hit the city just as a snowstorm did, but I did get there safely eventually and was able to be at my grandnephew’s Christening. He was a sweetie throughout.

Getting ready for his big day

On weekdays, I’ve been settling into my new office, enjoying the sunset from my desk a lot of days and experimenting with various routes to get here (the best one I’ve tried so far is unfortunately going to be closed down for construction on a 7-mile stretch starting in late March).

Best office sunset to date

On weekdays and weekends both, I’ve been shoveling snow; this is already the snowiest January on record for Detroit and there are still a couple more days to add to the total. We’ve also had some really cold days, what with the polar vortex and all, so sometimes I go out to shovel dressed for skiing, with many layers of hi tech materials. If I had a spare pair of ski goggles at home, I’d wear those, too.

Fluffy snow

I took part of one weekday to go have a mammogram and bonus breast ultrasound to followup on the area of concern from my last exam. The facility where I went has radiologists on site to read the images right away, so I was able to leave knowing I was good to go until my next regular annual date with with the boob squishing machine.

Mammogram time

Somewhere along the way, I finally got over the lingering respiratory bug that slowed my last ski trip. Let’s hope it stays gone until I get back from my next ski trip at the very least.

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