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Archive for December 23rd, 2013

WDW Day 7: Downtown Disney and Christmas Party

December 23, 2013

Instead of heading to a theme park on this fabulous Thursday, Mr. Karen and I went to Downtown Disney. Our primary mission was to hit the huge World of Disney store and see how many things we could find to buy from the list of desirable souvenirs we’d been compiling all week, but before we got there, we stopped at Earl of Sandwich, which we’d never tried but I’d heard good things about on the Internet. We split a Holiday Turkey Sandwich, and wow that was tasty. I’m still thinking about it. I’d go get one right now if I could, but alas the closest Earl to me is in the secure area of the terminal I rarely fly out of at Detroit Metro. I wonder if they have any very part time jobs I could do there.

Fueled by deliciousness, we did our shopping before bussing over to Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge, which we’d never visited before (I think it was under construction the last time we were at the World). We very much liked the displays at the bus stop showing when the next bus for various destinations would arrive; I don’t believe I’ve seen that anywhere else at WDW (though several places have cast members on duty who can tell you how long it’ll be if you ask). We enjoyed looking at the animals on the savannah while waiting for a table at the restaurant, then after our meal did a bit more exploring before walking over to Jambo House (they have a bigger gift shop over there).

Baby zebras gotta run

Our adventures in faux-Africa done, we journeyed back to the hotel to drop off our purchases and get ready for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. Party tickets will get you into the park a few hours before the party’s scheduled to start, so we took advantage of that. We aren’t the most hard core party goers, skipping all of the special character meet and greets and shows in favor of going on more attractions, though we did partake of the hot chocolate and cookies included in the price of admission and watch the holiday parade and fireworks.

Holiday fireworks show

We ended our night riding Splash Mountain three times in a row (or was it four?). Since the weather was chillier than it had been all week, there was pretty much no line; the last time the CMs let us just stay on since no one was waiting for our seats. There is still magic left at the Magic Kingdom.


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