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The Word for the Day is Tired

September 24, 2013

Most evenings, I leave work and just go straight home, but last night I went to a concert instead. Mr. Karen and our friend Ben and I converged on the venue separately because that’s just how it worked best logistically. I found Ben in the line waiting for the doors to open; Mr. Karen joined us later in the seats. We were there to see the Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited tour, which focuses on Genesis songs that I didn’t know of when they were first released in the 70s (I was but a child then, after all) but have since grown familiar with thanks to Mr. Karen’s interest in prog. It was quite a good show, even though they didn’t have the screens mentioned in this review. The lead vocalist was especially entertaining, cutting a rather pirate-like figure throughout the performance. It was theatrical in a way that most bands are not anymore, and I enjoyed it. I would have enjoyed it a bit more if it had started a tiny bit earlier or been on a weekend night when I could have slept later the next day, but such is life. It wasn’t crazy late when Mr. K and Ben and I headed out of the theater, but it was definitely well past when I should have been in bed. As it turned out, each of us had parked in a different lot, so we ended the evening the way we’d begun, making our own way.

Waiting for the show

I went into yesterday tired because I stayed up Sunday night to welcome Mr. Karen home from a quick trip he’d taken out of town. I did that partly because I’m a good wife (sometimes) and partly because I’d hosed up my sleep schedule by staying up quite late Saturday swatching nail polish and watching Netflix streaming (yeah, I know how to party when I have the house to myself, that’s for sure). The weekend before that, I didn’t catch up on sleep, either, as I went to Illinois to see my mom. The big event was taking her into Chicago for an exhibit at the Art Institute that she really, really wanted to see based on having read about it in the newspaper. I can’t remember the last time she was feeling strong enough to do an outing like this. As it was, just the couple hours we spent touring the exhibit wore her out, despite her sitting down and resting a few times as we made our way through the rooms. She did enjoy herself, though, and said the exhibit was everything she’d hoped for, so I call that a successful day even though that’s pretty much all we did.

Mom heads into the exhibit

This weekend, I’m staying home and Mr. Karen and staying home and maybe we’ll both get some quality sleeping done. Yep, it’s a thrill a minute around here.

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