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Time Keeps on Slippin’

July 23, 2013

It doesn’t feel like I’ve done a whole lot since I last posted here on July 3rd, yet I also feel like I’ve been busy. Let’s see what my photostream has to tell us…

I gave myself a patriotic manicure for the 4th of July.

Patriotic nails

I got up early on the 5th and drove through the rainy muggy morning to take Mr. Karen and a friend to the airport so they could go off to Canada on a kayaking trip (with a stop at our condo in Idaho, too).

Airport dropoff

I spent a lot of time at work, including making a visit to our new building, which apparently my department is moving into before the end of the year. I hope our floors don’t have quite so many mismatched stripes as the other department’s space that was under construction when we had our tour.

New building visit

I met up with friends for lunch and shopping at a mall I used to frequent in the early 90s. I grabbed this photo of some brightly colored shirtless headless male mannequins on my way back to my car. The colors remind me of summer nail polish.

I dig blue and lime and orange guys

Mr. Karen returned and brought this pocket size sock monkey for me. He was back by the time the Michigan blueberry crop came in so took the lead on freezing tens of pounds of them for future eating pleasure.

Pocket Monkey

Three blocks from home Friday night, I got rear ended by a guy who accelerated right into my bumper when I didn’t move fast enough for him when the light we were both waiting at turned green. Saturday I got an estimate of over $1000 to repair the damage to my car; fortunately there does not seem to be any damage to my person.

Bumpers and pretty paint are expensive

And that pretty much brings us up to date. Looking ahead, I’ve got to get my car sorted out (the guy who hit me is not proving overly easy to deal with) and have several trips planned to various places and a lot of stuff to do at work (including one of those trips) and a baby shower present to buy since I haven’t touched my quilting stuff in months so that baby won’t be getting a quilt just yet and some family stuff to sort out. And so it goes…

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