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Archive for May 11th, 2013

Better When I’m Sleeping

May 11, 2013

I haven’t typically used this space a dream journal because usually I don’t remember enough to write down anything significant, but I woke this morning with a full scene still accessible, probably because my attitude in the dream was so at odds with what I would have expected. In the dream, I’d been invited to Jenny Trout’s house for a party (at which there would be chicken served but that’s not the point). I arrived at the same time as a coworker, who understood the event to be clothing optional and stripped down in the breezeway/carport. I figured what the heck and stripped down too. Upon entering the main part of the house, I realized either it was not clothing optional or we were the only two who’d decided to exercise that option. Instead of flushing with shame and running out of the house in embarrassment, I shrugged my shoulders and commenced to mingle. I stopped to chat with another coworker (this one was clothed), and he seemed uncomfortable. I asked him if my chest was distracting, and he sheepishly said yes; I covered them with my hands and we finished our chat and I went back to mingling. . At some point, I picked up a black felt sheet and was holding it to my chest with one arm as a nod being clothed (leaving my backside exposed, which bothered me not at all). Just before I woke up, I decided to go get dressed, not because I was uncomfortable being nude at a party of clothed people but because I was making other people uncomfortable.

I don’t feel that body confident in my waking life, but it’s nice to know my subconscious has a positive self-image.

In other body news, my IGIGI Curve Connection profile went live yesterday. There are still a few more days for you to enter the drawing for a $50 IGIGI gift certificate by commenting on this entry (and then go comment on the other ladies’ reviews linked from the Weetacon site to enter their drawings).

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