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Archive for March 20th, 2013

IGIGI: The Tradition Continues

March 20, 2013

At Weetacon, I and some of the other ladies once again had the opportunity to model clothes generously provided free for review purposes by IGIGI. I got the Aubriella dress, which caught my eye on the site because it’s in my favorite color family of purple. The bodice and sleeves are a solid plum color and the skirt is a plum and lavender print with abstract hearts emerging from the pattern as the motifs head toward the hemline. I wore this out to dinner Saturday night of the con, accessorized with drop earrings and subtly sparkly pewter heels. If I’d brought a necklace that worked with the dress, I would have worn one, but I didn’t feel too exposed leaving my neckline bare.

With the sparkly shoes, I wore Igigi

As I’ve come to expect from IGIGI, this was well made, including a full lining. I was excited to try it on when I first got it up to my hotel room; I pulled it over my head and was panicked when it seemed like it wasn’t going to fit—then I realized it has a side zipper. Well, yes, that does make a difference, and when on and zipped up, it fits nice and close but not too tight. It was very comfortable to wear and flowed over the parts of my body I don’t necessarily like to highlight. No crazy restrictive undergarments were required, either. The square neckline was something different than I usually wear. I liked the look of it, and it did cover my bra straps, which is always a good thing. The wide waistband on this hit just below my bustline; that’s not my usual preference because my natural waist several inches below that is the narrowest part of my torso and I like to show it off. Despite that, I did find this flattering to wear so perhaps I should reevaluate my avoidance of the Empire waist.

I’m thinking I’ll wear this again when Mr. K and I go see Book of Mormon later this month. Heck, I like it so much I might even wear it to work and let people wonder what I’m up to that I’m not in my usual much more casual garb.

I’d like to thank Shae for snapping the photo above after we came back from dinner, as my attempts to take a full length self portrait left much to be desired. I did quite like this outtake, though:

Best blurry photo I've taken recently

UPDATE 03-April-2013: To share the IGIGI love, there’s a contest to win an Igigi gift certificate by commenting on this entry and those of the other ladies who participated in the Weetacon event. Their posts will be going up between now and April 15th, so keep checking back on the Weetacon IGIGI page linked below.

How to participate in the IGIGI Weetacon Giveaway: Go to the IGIGI website and pick out your ideal dress for a special occasion, important business meeting, date night, or what have you. Then leave a comment on this review, telling us which garment YOU want and where you plan on wearing it. You can increase your chances of winning an IGIGI gift certificate by leaving comments on each of the other Weetacon IGIGI reviews at this page. Comments must be received by May 14 at midnight PST. Winners will be notified and announced on this page and the IGIGI at Weetacon 2013 page by May 18th.

Update 14-Jun-2013: The winners of the IGIGI contest have been announced! My winner is tona and she will be hearing from the Weetacon administration very soon. For a list of all of the winners please go to to the IGIGI at Weetacon page.

The dress in this entry was provided to me for review purposes by IGIGI. The content of this entry was not dictated by IGIGI; I get to keep the dress for my personal use. Links to the IGIGI site in this entry are affiliate links for Weetacon.

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