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Archive for February 8th, 2013

So That Was Two Weeks

February 8, 2013

It’s been almost two weeks since my last entry here. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but that’s the result of putting so many other things ahead of this website on my priority list. Work, of course, is the big one. It’s taken even more time than usual lately, as the development department, my department, is in the midst of a huge project that has an April 1 deadline, and we’re working Saturdays until then to do our best to meet that date. I was supposed to be on vacation today, but instead drove in through the winter storm this morning after already cramming extra hours into the first four workdays this week. I am planning on leaving early, at least, and won’t work tomorrow.

Other things I’ve been doing besides writing here:

—Trying to connect with the folks in the 2013 photo a day group I joined on Flickr, the one I wrote about a couple times last month. A lot of them already know each other from previous years, so they’re talking to each other in their photo diary threads, but I haven’t yet managed to get into that flow myself, either in their threads or my own. No one’s been unfriendly, and I have had some nice and welcoming comments in my thread, but I still feel very much like the new kid, not sure if I’m doing what I should be to make friends there. Being gone for a week to ski in January probably didn’t help.

—Posting in my nail blog. I am connected with folks there, ladies who comment on my posts and whose blogs I visit and comment on in turn. I also feel some obligation to review polishes that brands have sent in a somewhat timely manner, so that helps keep me motivated.

—Knitting. This happens in front of the tv after dinner, when Mr. Karen and I usually watch something off the DVR. On nights we get home late from work, it might just be a single episode of a half hour show. The latest one we’ve added to our list is Bob’s Burgers, which won me over when they had a capybara on an episode that we saw part of because it was recorded instead of the show we had programmed (thanks to a football game running long, I think). I’m in scarf mode still, and hoping to have something finished to share here next week.

—Reading stuff on my Kindle. I’m wearing out the corners of the case, I’m using it so much (or maybe it’s just not that great of quality). This happens mostly late at night, before I fall asleep, though sometimes I’ll get in a few pages while I eat lunch at my desk.

—Discovering that I like raw crinkle cut carrot slices way better than baby carrots for snacking.

That’s about all I have time for on this lunch break (during which I have been eating those carrot slices, which is why they got a mention). I hope it won’t be another two weeks before I’m back here.

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