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Archive for January 16th, 2013

Off and On the Needles

January 16, 2013

Black and blue capLast night I finished a black and blue cap that I started knitting over Christmas break; I had it mostly done on New Year’s Day and just had to bind off and weave in the ends. It’s yet another go round with my favorite fast hat pattern, Quanah’s Head Hugger, with my standard modification of not doing quit as many rows as the pattern calls for. I used leftover Plymouth Encore for this one; it feels good to use up what I have on hand. Of course, I’d have to knit quite a lot of caps to use up all my leftovers, and some of those would be rather odd color schemes, I’m sure. This one is destined for the Weetacon raffle; it’s a tradition that I put at least one hat in there. I guess I’ll stop when everyone who wants one has won one.

Almost as soon as I’d woven in the last end on the hat, I started a scarf with some yarn that has been waiting a long time to get on the needles. I know I’ve taken out to Idaho and back at least once, but it might have been more than that. It looks so pretty wound up into the squishy yarn cakes; I’m just hoping the finished scarf looks as good.

Squishy yarn cake

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