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Archive for May 21st, 2012

Goodbye, Lynne

May 21, 2012

Siblings by marriage and bloodFriday night I got the news that my sister-in-law Lynne had lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Since then, I’ve not quite known what to do. I’ve had times when I’ve felt that I’d very much like to smash a great many things, times I’ve acted like everything is fine (if you’ve gotten an especially chipper e-mail reply or blog comment from me in the last few days that’s what that was about), times when I’ve been calm, times when I’ve been crying. I suppose all that’s normal. Knowing it’s normal is not making me less pissed off, though. Of the three women my brother has been married to, Lynne was the best (and yes, I’d have said the same thing if you asked me before she got sick two and a half years ago). It just sucks so much that he finally found a sane, stable relationship only to have it taken from him years and years before it should have ended. Knowing her pain has ended is some comfort, true. Would that it had never started in the first place.

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