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Archive for January 17th, 2012

U Stor It

January 17, 2012

Ah, it’s nice to be back from my traditional post-Holidailies break. I was intending to be back yesterday, but it was so nice and quiet at work due to so many of my customers being off for MLK Day that I took the opportunity to focus on some projects I’d been neglecting there. Yesterday was a holiday for Mr. Karen, and he took advantage of his three-day weekend to go to Illinois to see his parents, which meant I was left alone with the television for two nights. I discovered that Dead Like Me had disappeared from Netflix streaming, which is too bad; I filled that hole in my queue with White Collar, which I hadn’t seen before. I also caught a few episodes of a reality-based show called Storage Wars, in which people bid on abandoned storage units and the winners pick through the contents to find items to sell for profit. I know the point of this is to root for the characters you like to make a big profit, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the folks who’d put their stuff in those lockers and then fallen so far behind in the rent. It just made me sad. Why isn’t there a show where the producers pay the back rent in exchange for interviewing the families? That locker filled with household goods from the 70s—was that what was left of someone’s deceased parent’s life, which they now have lost forever? Is there a child who’s missing the big stuffed monkey in the unit which held a whole assortment of clothes and toys? Did the failed jewelry store owner forget there was $2200 in that safe, and would that have paid off the back rent? I guess the show answering those questions wouldn’t be very entertaining, so we’re not going see that.

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