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Archive for January 8th, 2012

Failure to Resolve

January 8, 2012

Day 8 - Sunlight through lace

Today would have been a good day to finally decide on my New Year’s resolutions, but instead of doing that I’ve been turning dirty laundry into clean laundry with the considerable assistance of my trusty Maytag appliances and changing sheets and painting my nails (only once today, no swatching or playing with nail art for my blog) and sorting things in the basement and handing the ladder up to Mr. Karen on the lower roof so he could check out a possible leak on the upper roof that he noticed when he’d been in the attic checking out a possible animal invasion and taking photos for my Flickr project (the winner was the sunlight through lace composition above, which I only thought to snap because I stopped for a moment while closing the blind when the light hit my nail polish a certain way and turned the plum color bronzey) and now writing an overlong sentence in this document that’s destined to become a journal entry. I might still come up with some resolutions, because Lord knows there are plenty of things I want to do, but a niggling voice in my head is telling me if I really wanted to do them, I would have by now.


In ten Januarys writing this journal, this is the first time I’ve posted an entry on the 8th. As with yesterday, it’s usually in the post-Holidailies downtime period.

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