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Archive for December 14th, 2011

Minimal Effort

December 14, 2011

Olive on white

Speaking of hobbies I’ve been neglecting (as I was, yesterday, about my quilting), I’ve been slacking big time in my photo a week group on Flickr. There’s a theme every week, and often I don’t even look up what it is until the day before I have to take the photo or miss the deadline. Last week it was “Less is More (Minimal)”, and with barely an hour and a half left in the project week, I looked around my dining room, grabbed a nail polish bottle and posed it in my lightbox and took maybe a dozen shots with different exposures, some with the bottle standing up and some with it sideways. Took maybe five minutes, including the “planning”. I’m just not feeling enthusiastic about it this year and think I will take next year off. I might do a photo a day project, though, as I do miss documenting my days that way (and have never done one in a leap year, which 2012 is).


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