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Archive for December 8th, 2011

That Narrows It Down

December 8, 2011

redditIt appears that Holidailies is going to be on reddit again this year, which means I’m going to have at least one photo in every entry even if it’s one I’ve used before and/or it has nothing to do with the subject matter of the text. If I do not do this, my entries will show on reddit with a generic image (a frowning confused alien photographer, which is interesting as generic images go). I don’t want to be generic.

Today was one of those days when I ended up spending a big chunk of time on something that wasn’t even on my task list when I logged on to my work computer this morning. A customer reported to their project manager that they couldn’t post a transaction. The project manager couldn’t figure out why the customer was getting the error so bumped it over to development. Since it was happening in an area of the system I’m pretty familiar with, I grabbed the support ticket. I looked at the code that was throwing the error. It hadn’t changed since 2007, which would normally cause me to suspect a problem with the data the customer was trying to enter (or, in this case, upload), except by this time we’d gotten another report from a different customer who was getting the same error. So it probably wasn’t a data issue. The error description being reported by SQL was: “INSERT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: ‘ANSI_WARNINGS’. Verify that SET options are correct for use with indexed views and/or indexes on computed columns and/or filtered indexes and/or query notifications and/or XML data type methods and/or spatial index operations.” Okay then. Looking at the code, I didn’t see that I was referencing any of the things on that and/or list. But I was manipulating the ANSI_WARNINGS, had been successfully doing so for four years, actually, but evidently my run was over. Servers do get changed and service packs installed and stuff happens that no one can see coming. I Googled for ideas on how to address this (I was not the first person to get this error) and e-mailed colleagues and tried some stuff and eventually made a change to the code that made the error go away, at least for today. The customers were happy that they could post their transactions, and I was happy that they were happy. The other things I was planning to work on will still be there tomorrow. Those customers are not as happy, I’m sure. The best I can do is make sure everyone gets a turn being happy at some point.


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