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Archive for March 7th, 2011

Diptych Times Two

March 7, 2011

This time there’s a good reason for the gap between entries here: I spent the last four days in Green Bay at Weetacon. I’ll write about that later; it seems too soon to do so today (my ears are still ringing—from what I’m not quite sure–and a couple of my toes are still numb). In the meantime, I have some old business to attend to.

University of Michigan Museum of Art Highlights

As we did last year, my Flickr friend Spencer and I collaborated on a diptych for the photo a week group we belong to. This year, we shot at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Even though I worked in Ann Arbor for several years and even now live not too far from that city, I’d never been there. They have a lot of interesting pieces, some of which you can see in the mosaic above (and even more of which you can see if you click on that and go to my Flickr stream). After walking through the museum and taking photos of whatever caught our eyes, we retrieved our laptops from our cars and reconvened at a Starbucks nearby to put together our diptcyh. There were several possibilities, but the one that worked best was our shots of a sculpture called Apsara Warrior, made from decommissioned AK-47s. Here’s the finished diptych:

Apsara Warrior

I also did a diptych with my friend Jodie. Since both of us quilt and knit, it seemed to make sense to incorporate one or both of those crafts into our collaboration. As it turned out, quilting won the day. Jodie did the hard part on this one; I just took photos of a stack of fabrics I’ve pulled for my latest quilt and e-mailed her the best one. She took it from there and came up with this, which I like very much:

Keep on quilting

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