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Archive for March 1st, 2011

Remember Me?

March 1, 2011

February is traditionally a low entry count month around here, but wow, it’s never been as low as the mere two I managed this year. Usually when there’s a long gap between posts from me in the winter, it’s because I’ve been off skiing, but that wasn’t the case this time. This time, I was just distracted by other things. Work is very busy, which is a good problem to have but does cut into my non-work activities. My nail blog is getting more readers and commenters than I ever expected, so I’ve been spending time on that because it’s fun being part of that community, if such a fluid collection of people can be called that. There are things I need to do here, like roll over my reading list for the new year (well, not so new now), except I haven’t really been reading much lately so I’ve been putting that off. I have been mostly keeping up with my Flickr projects, and doing some knitting, and I have entries planned about both of those things, but when I might get to them, I do not know—I hope soon. I haven’t abandoned this journal, it’s just been lying fallow for a bit.

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