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Archive for February 9th, 2011

Sunset Scarflet

February 9, 2011

Flying V Scarflet

I started this sunset colored scarflet on my way to Idaho last month and finished on my way home (well, finished except for weaving in of the ends, which I took my sweet time doing). The pattern is the Flying V Scarf by Iris Schreier. I made this pattern once before, about four years ago, so it didn’t confuse me so much this time around. That’s not to say I made no mistakes, but I was quicker to recognize them and thus they were easier to fix. I used Supermerino from Artyarns, which is the company Iris Schreier founded with her husband, so I figured that would be a good pairing of yarn and pattern. It was; I loved how the colors shifted along the rows as I knit. I only wish I’d had three skeins of the yarn instead of only two so I could have made a full scarf instead of a scarflet. As it was, I used all but about six inches of the yarn I had; I ran out before I finished the pattern and had to rip back several inches and try again. Perhaps I should have used bigger needles, but I didn’t have any with me larger than the US7s and airport gift shops aren’t exactly well stocked with knitting supplies. It’s still plenty long to tuck into a coat collar, though, and will add a nice cheery touch of color to the winter wardrobe of whomever wins this in the Weetacon auction.

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