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Archive for December 21st, 2010

With Attribution

December 21, 2010

Nail polish storageI was poking around my Flickr stats and found a referrer I didn’t recognize, which led me to an article on an interior design site that’s using this picture of my nail polish storage along with several other people’s photos of the same IKEA unit. There was a tag line that said all images were used with permission and linked to sources. The site had linked back to my original image, obviously, since that’s how I found it was being used, so that was good (though they didn’t do it in a particularly intuitive way—the link is nowhere near the image). I wasn’t so sure about the “used with permission” part, but since I have a Creative Commons license on that photo that I don’t believe would require them asking (though of course it’s always nice when they do) I figured I couldn’t get too fussed about it. I was pondering the noncommercial part of my license—the site that’s using the image does have ads on it, so there is a revenue stream, however small it may be, but they aren’t making people pay to see my photo—and was reading this article about the definition of noncommercial on the Creative Commons blog when I realized I had given permission for that image to be used. I checked my Flickr messages and yep, there was the note from the article’s author. I’m still confused about the noncommercial part, and based on that blog article, I’m not the only one.


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