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Archive for December 8th, 2010

Making a List

December 8, 2010

PincushionI haven’t formally updated my quilting to do list since August of 2008, mostly because I’ve only finished four of the ten projects on that list, so it’s not like I ran out of things to work on. I’ve done other sewing and quilting besides the things on the list in the intervening time, mostly group quilts with the ladies at work, but I want to get refocused on my own stuff, because I miss it. Also, I got a commission for a quilt that’s due in a little over a month, so I need to get my act together. Here’s what I’ve got on my list now:

1. Pastel Baby. Commissioned by the woman who has already bought two others from me in past years. I have only a vague idea what I want to do here.

2. TV Cover. I promised Mr. Karen I’d make something to put over the flat screen we got when we’re not watching it, and he’s been very patient. I pulled some fabrics for this but got stalled.

3. Baby NS. I have the top for this done. The baby is 23 months old.

4. Baby JCh. A girl; quilt needs to incorporate logo of my university’s biggest rival.

5. Baby JCo. A boy; quilt needs to have numbers and/or letters in it.

6. Baby MF. A girl; quilt needs to have Noah’s ark theme.

7. Baby FZ. A boy; might also need to make one for his older sister, who was born before I knew their dad.

8. Baby AM. The only baby on the list not yet born.

9. Strippy scrappy for guild charity project. This one’s been years in the making.

10. Butterflies and flowers. Not sure about this one; haven’t talked to the intended recipient about it in ages.

I’m cutting off the list there even though there are other things I’d like to add (including the ones that fell off from the last list due to the baby backlog). I didn’t put on the anniversary quilt that I was going to make for a friend who never got back to me about color choices and other matters. I haven’t pushed it because I’ve been so distracted by other things, but that project might pop up again. I’m wondering if all those babies really need quilts; most are “legacies”, in that I made quilts for their older siblings back when I was closer friends with their parents. I would like those babies to have quilts, but not enough to actually make them while they are still babies. I could just whip up some quick ones, but that’s not fun for me, and that’s the whole point of this hobby, to have fun. I think I remember how to do that.


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