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Archive for November 22nd, 2010

Bright Striped Socks

November 22, 2010

Simple striped socksI think the cooler weather has helped me get my knitting mojo back; after I’d ignored them for months, I excavated the emergency sock yarn socks I’d started on my trip in June from the dark recess of my knitting bag and finished them. They’re very simple socks, just a plain foot and a ribbed cuff, but the bright and happy colors of the stripes built into the yarn (Patons Kroy Socks Stripes in the Kool Stripes colorway) meant I didn’t need a more complicated pattern, and since I was starting these on the road, I couldn’t have printed out a pattern anyway. I did have the internet on the road, so I used it to watch a video and read some directions about the Magic Loop method, which I decided to try for the first time with these socks because then I wouldn’t have to buy two new needles but just one long one. It went pretty well; it probably helped that I was already used to making two socks at a time. The toes are perhaps a little more square and roomy than would be ideal, but the socks still fit in my shoes, so it’s fine. I’d like to say that immediately upon finishing these I started back on the socks I forgot at Kathy’s house which were the reason I started these striped ones, but no, I did not. I had a very good reason though; instead of the socks, I started a hat I’d promised to Mary last March. I have plenty of socks, but does Mary have one of my hats? No, she does not, and that’s not proper.

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