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Archive for October 26th, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us

October 26, 2010

Mr. Karen and I took last week off to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary with a vacation in Orlando. Given that we spent time at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Universal Studios Hollywood on our honeymoon way back when, running around the theme parks in Florida seemed a fitting way mark this milestone. We planned to spend most of the week at Universal and make just a few visits to the Disney parks for special events. As it turned out, we ended up spending more time at Disney than at Universal. That wasn’t ideal given that we were staying onsite at Universal, but now we know. Gotta try things to find out. I intend to do a detailed trip report at some point before I’ve forgotten all the details, but until I get a bit more caught up at work, all I can offer is a few pictures to give a taste of what we saw and did.


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