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Archive for September 1st, 2010

Goal Wednesday, 9.01

September 1, 2010

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan.
Travel messed with my routine to the point where I gained weight this week.

2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice.
Did the weights, but only one formal aerobics session. I think that’s okay since I did do a lot more walking that usual when I was out of town.

3. Weed through some container, any container—box, bag, cupboard, drawer.
Emptied one small bag.

4. Do a page a day at DP and a photo or memorial a day at Find A Grave.
Did both, and even made up for some of the shortfall in graves in previous weeks.

5. Do ten post processing steps on an American Missionary issue.
Did 28!

Goals for this week:

In honor of Labor Day, I’m taking the week off. I’ll still do some stuff, but won’t fret about how much.


This post is part of New Beginnings Wednesdays.

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