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Archive for August 24th, 2010

My Phone Might Be Smarter Than I Am

August 24, 2010

Out with the old, in with the newA couple weeks after I got my new work PC, I got a new phone, trading my much loved purple flip phone for a Droid—the Motorola version with the slide-out keyboard, because I just didn’t think I ready to go all touchscreen all the time (despite the fact I do just that in my car, when I’m not talking to my car to tell it what I want, that is). I only used my old phone for calls and a very occasional text message, so adjusting to this new smarter device has been quite something. The first day I had it, I was sitting in the parking lot at work and having trouble getting it to pair up with Sync in my car, and thought I’d just have to Google for help when I got home. Two seconds later, it hit me—I could Google for help right there, right then, FROM THE PHONE. Amazing. (Stop laughing, all you early adopters.) I added a few apps right away: Gmail and Facebook, followed soon after by Twitter (which I don’t use any more on the phone than I do from my desk) and YahooMail and ColorNotes (how much do I love the checklist feature on that? very much). When I get bored, I’ll go looking for more, but for now I’m content. There is a bit of an issue with my work e-mail, which sometimes shows me the subject line of one message with the body text from another, but I’ve got someone on the case. So far one of the most useful things I’ve done with it is whip it out to look at the Google Doc which lists my nail polish collection while I am in the store contemplating buying a color that looks slightly familiar. No more getting home to find I’ve bought something I already had (or carrying around a printout of my inventory, which I did do for a while). My challenge now is to not become one of those people who interrupts conversations to look things up on the internet (unless the person I’m talking to is doing the same, in which case, I bet I can find it faster).

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