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Archive for June 9th, 2010

Goal Wednesday, 6.09

June 9, 2010

Goals for last week:

1. Stick to the 400 x 4 plan as much as possible.
This continues to go well. I lost half a pound this week, so still trending in the right direction.

2. Weight work twice; aerobics twice.
Finally did this!

3. Get rid of one box of stuff.
No, but I did dispose of some things from the targeted box and shred a bunch other stuff, so there was some progress in this area.

4. Do a page a day at DP, a photo or memorial a day at Find A Grave, and complete at least five steps on post-processing an American Missionary issue.
I didn’t do all of these, instead concentrating on getting pages done to move some projects through. I’m okay with that.

Goals for the coming week:
I’m giving myself a week off, as I’ve got some deadlines and commitments in other areas of my life that need tending to. Goal Wednesday will be back on June 23rd.


This post is part of New Beginnings Wednesdays.

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