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Archive for April 8th, 2010

Not Yet Happy

April 8, 2010

Wow, sorry about that; I didn’t mean to disappear for two weeks. It’s just that the malaise I wrote about last time has continued; I’ve been weepy and/or cranky quite a lot lately. Moving into a new building at work has helped not one bit. I wasn’t happy the last time I got a new office, though eventually I got comfortable there (even though I never got those new blinds I was promised and it was noisy, being close to the game room and label printer and pop machine). I see I complained then about having less floor space and less storage space than the office I’d left; my new new office is even smaller with even less storage space, and the furniture feels cheaper than the stuff I had to give up, and not only is it not a corner office, it has no windows to the outside at all, not even a view of outside. I was hoping it would at least be quieter, which it is to some extent; I can clearly hear conversations in adjoining offices but at least I’m far away from the ping pong table and pinball machines. I did get a consolation prize for having to sit here and not in one of my top five choices—a $100 gift certificate to a store I rarely shop at (plus a cash payment arranged personally with the guy who got my first choice office, which I’ll use to buy supplies for the craft room). I know, here I am complaining about my office when so many people have to work in tiny cubicles (or can’t find jobs at all) and I work for a place that includes a craft room in the plans for our new building. If I could just flip a switch in my brain and be happy, I would.

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