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Archive for March 11th, 2010

Autumn Blossoms on the Verge of Spring

March 11, 2010

Prior to pinningAs I mentioned yesterday, I wore a top provided by Igigi for Weetacon’s Saturday night fun. This was thanks to the power of Weetabix, who arranged for several of us ladies to get a garment for review purposes. I think I was the only one who asked for a top—a lot of the dresses on the site are appealing, but my lifestyle just isn’t that fancy these days. Thus it was that I pulled on the Autumn Blossoms Top in black to pair with my fanciest jeans. It was the size that fits my waist according to the Igigi chart, rather than the larger size that my bustline would indicate, so it was a tiny bit snugger than I usually wear my clothes but was still comfortable. The front of the top was two layers of fabric, which seemed to help smooth things out; the edge of my bra cups didn’t really show like it sometimes will under a thin top. I did have a problem with my bra straps showing even though I was wearing the one with the widest-set straps that I own. The picture up top shows what was peeking out before I attached safety pins inside the seams that ran from the corners of the neckline and to get the straps mostly out of sight. Here’s what it looked like once I did that:

Igigi Autumn Blossoms Top

I got many, many compliments on the top throughout the night—particularly on the fit, the flattering neckline, and the pretty fabric flowers. It stayed comfortable all night, too; at times I found myself tugging the hem down, but that was more because my jeans were sliding down than the top was sliding up (stupid pants that get bigger as the hours wear on). This was the first Igigi garment I’d ever worn, and I was favorably impressed. I haven’t washed it yet (hope to catch up on laundry this weekend) but will report back if anything untoward happens in the process. Igigi is offering a 20% discount on purchases through the end of this month in one uses the code WEETACON at checkout (available to anyone, not just Weetacon attendees). I might just take them up on that offer.

(I do not have a formal disclosure policy for this journal, but if I get lots more free stuff to review I’ll consider creating one. For now, I think it’s enough that I say I got to keep this item of clothing in exchange for writing this entry.)

Update 16-Mar-2010: I washed this top over the weekend. The label said “hand wash only”, but I’ve had success putting such things in the machine before, so I turned it inside out and popped it in a mesh lingerie bag and let it go through the normal wash cycle with a load of darks. When I took it out, there was just the tiniest bit of fraying inside one of the flowers, and I had to look hard to spot even that. I dried it on a rack with the other things I don’t want the dryer to mess with and it looks fine. Also, I noticed that the back is self-lined same as the front; that’s a nice touch.

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