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Archive for February 23rd, 2010


February 23, 2010

Raffle HatHey look, I finally completed a knitting project—one of six I had on the needles as of last week. This hat will be raffled off for charity next month, so that gave me added incentive to get it done. It’s a pattern I’ve used several times before, and fortunately I’d kept my notes about the modifications I’d made each time to make it warmer and better fitting (basically adding more rows, especially in the ribbbing section), so the knitting went pretty smoothly. I cast on in the airport before we flew to Spokane, worked on it a little bit while we were in Idaho and a lot while we were driving back, then finished it this past weekend while watching Olympics coverage on tv. It’s green for Green Bay (where the raffle is being held) and reverses to solid black. Finishing it must have given me some good completion mojo, as in the next several days I completed three more projects (which I can’t share until they get to their intended recipient, which won’t be for several weeks).

Blind hemmingBefore the trip during which I worked on the hat, I mostly finished the groovy curtains that now serve as our master bedroom closet door in Idaho—we took off the bi-fold doors that had been there because they kept getting in the way in that small space. That project let me get good use out of one of the blind hemming feature on my Bernina. It had been so long since I’d done that particular thing that I needed to get out the manual and the notes I’d taken in the machine class I took, but once I refreshed my memory it went well. This time I took a couple pictures to remind myself how it works. I finished the last hem by hand once we were out there so I could make sure the curtains were the right length. They’re very bright but I think just right for the space.

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