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Archive for January 29th, 2010


January 29, 2010

Self-portrait with HoneycrispThis week’s theme for the self-portrait group I’m in over on Flickr is “eating your favorite snack”, which posed a bit of a dilemma since I like so very many snacks—sweet, savory, crispy, crunchy, creamy, and on and on. The ones the company provides in the kitchen just around the corner from my office are especially nice because they’re free, so I considered just grabbing some of those for my photo. I also pondered making a shopping trip to buy a special treat that I don’t have often—most likely something chocolatey, or maybe a fresh cookie, or my beloved Dippin’ Dots. But in the end, as you can see, I chomped down on my favorite apple, the sweet and juicy Honeycrisp. Call it an aspirational shot—I would love to train my brain to prefer fruit to candy.

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