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Archive for December 28th, 2009

Monday, Monday

December 28, 2009

Today was filled with minor annoyances. There was snow to be shoveled both before I left for work and after I came home. Could it have snowed like this over the weekend when I had more time under my own control? No, it waited until the work week, when I depart and return in the dark and have very little time to spare. I got to the office and realized I had my camera but no cable to take advantage of uploading pictures on the fast internet connection there; that’s particularly dumb of me because since I got the other camera for Mr. Karen, we have two cables for that sort of thing. At lunch, I sloshed through the fallen and falling snow to mail some packages, only to find that the post office was closed due to computer problems. I ran another errand down the street and came back to the P.O., thinking surely they would be back up—on the rare occasions the system goes down where I work it’s never down for very long—but no, they were not. I sloshed back to the office and discovered my boots had been leaking—no wonder my feet were cold. Bah. Now, home and inside and dry and warm with 600 mg of ibuprofen on board, my head hurts like it hasn’t in a long time. Yet I know I am blessed—to have a job, to have a house, to have made the snowy, sloppy commute without anyone crashing into me (I drove the Focus just in case—and also to keep my stick shift skills in shape). Tomorrow is another day; here’s hoping it’s less annoying than today was.


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