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Archive for December 10th, 2009

Copy ‘n’ Think ‘n’ Share

December 10, 2009

While reading some of the Holidailies entries posted today, I came across JohnSherck’s Thursday Think ‘n’ Share and, in the grand tradition of internet memes, decided to play along, at least for this particular Thursday.

Complete this statement: “Something that embarrasses me is…”
… not knowing something I think I should and displaying that ignorance to someone who does know that thing and thinks I should know it, too. I’d much rather learn and practice something on my own, using books and websites as my teachers, than have to ask a coworker the same stupid questions over and over because I didn’t grasp the answer the first time.

Complete the statement: “If our family inherited a million dollars, I would like for us to…”
… replenish the funds we raided to buy the condo, setup an annuity so my mom won’t run out of money, and support other friends and family who are going through rough times.

With what age group do you feel least comfortable? Why?
Teenagers, mostly because I don’t have the opportunity to spend much time with any teens so I don’t know what topics they’re interested in these days. Younger children are more easily entertained and less likely to roll their eyes at me and hurt my feelings.


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