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Archive for November 2nd, 2009


November 2, 2009

Today I am suffering from time difference disease, a. k. a. jet lag, as Mr. Karen and I got back from Idaho late last night (the Pacific time zone part of Idaho at that) and even though I slept a bit later than usual this morning it wasn’t enough. (At least I am hoping it’s just jet lag; several people at work have or have had H1N1 and who knows what germs I was exposed to on the planes and in the airports.) I will have many pictures and words to share about our trip later, but here’s the most important news: we closed on our ski condo! After the Bank of America fiasco, I was nervous about trusting the manager at the new bank when she assured me that even though we wouldn’t have final loan docs by the time we’d have to get on the plane Monday night we would be able to close later that week. I was still nervous when we stopped by to meet her on Tuesday afternoon and the loan docs hadn’t been generated, but she told us right to our faces that we’d have them and we’d be able to close soon. She wasn’t kidding. Wednesday morning around 9:15 she called to say the docs were done and she’d sent them to the title company which was handling the closing. The title company called about an hour and a half after that saying they were ready whenever we were. Really? Yes, really. They gave us the final “cash required at closing” number and off we went to Bank of America to get the cashier’s check (a process which fortunately was nowhere near as frustrating as dealing with their mortgage people had been—though we did have to fill out a second set of forms when the first ones they gave us turned out to be the wrong ones). That afternoon, as soon as we completed a walkthrough with the sellers that we’d arranged beforehand, we went to the title company and signed all the papers, two full days before our extension on the purchase agreement was set to expire. It all went so quickly there at the end that the sellers weren’t quite ready to leave yet, which was fine because the loan didn’t fund until the next morning, at which point we officially became condo owners (I took that phone call while we were shopping for railings to bring the stairs up to code—or the very least closer to code). The sellers still have some things they need to move out of the garage, but we were able to move in Thursday night and spend the rest of our trip under our own roof (well, technically the roof belongs to the condo association, but the stuff inside the walls is ours). I am amazed and relieved and grateful that the new bank, Wells Fargo, managed to get us to closing in only three weeks. (We even got a lower rate than BofA was offering us before they declined to offer us any mortgage at all).

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