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Archive for October 2nd, 2009

Vintage Quilts

October 2, 2009

Displaying I went through the photos I took at the quilt show I went to during my road trip and put my favorites in this set at Flickr. Many of them are scrap quilts—all that fabric variety just adds so much life and interest to a quilt, even when the pattern is very simple. Almost all of them were made in decades past, too; at this particular show, the antique and vintage quilts drew my eye more than the ones made more recently. I’m sure other people went through the show and had exactly the opposite reaction. The quilt in the thumbnail at left was my favorite. It’s not particularly scrappy, though there is some variety in the prints used in the stars, but the quilting and the border really won me over, particularly the corner treatment. The background quilting lines flow so neatly and symmetrically around the corner, while the border piecing takes a less rigid approach; the contrast and balance between those two just delight me. I also appreciate that this quilt has a history; according to the program booklet, it was made in 1850 by Charlotte Ayres. I wonder if any of my quilts will survive as long as this one has.

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