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Archive for December 31st, 2008

The Year in Pictures

December 31, 2008

365 + 1, The Year in Things Other Than FeetToday I took my last picture for Project 365+1, which I chose to join at the beginning of 2008 after looking at a lot of photo-a-day groups at Flickr. It felt friendly, like my snapshots taken with a point and shoot would be welcome, and it seemed like it would have just enough moderation to keep the pool from getting clogged up by dumpers without taking the fun out of it. I’m happy with how that choice turned out; over the course of the year I saw a lot of wonderful photos I wouldn’t have otherwise and got to interact with some great people. I did not, however, actually complete the project. I failed to take pictures on five separate days; fortunately that wasn’t an ejection offense in the group. My first miss was April 14th, when I just blanked on it. My next lapse was in July, when I left it until after work and then got distracted when the evening went all to heck. Then I blanked again one day in August. Worst was the beginning of November, when I forget two separate times only two days apart. Lame. But at least I didn’t quit, and I’m glad of that because now I’ve got photos to remember parts of my everyday life that might not otherwise get documented.

I enjoyed the experience enough to sign up a couple weeks ago for a photo-a-week group for 2009, figuring I’d surely be able to manage that without any misses. I was also happy to see that some of the people I knew from 365+1 were going to be there, too. I wasn’t going to try another photo-a-day project, though; no point in setting myself up for another failure. But then I saw that the successor group to 365+1 was going to be called 366-1 and darned if that little mathematical twist didn’t get me pondering trying it again. I lurked in their discussion threads and saw more and more potential fun brewing, so today I clicked the join link and committed to another year. I’m definitely going to be keeping Jason’s tips in mind; he was one of my compatriots this year and he completed the project successfully. I’m considering picking some themes this year, like “Footwear Friday” or “What I’m Wearing Wednesday” or “Self Portrait Sunday”, but I haven’t decided anything yet. Other than I will take a picture tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. Camera and other gods willing.


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