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Archive for December 26th, 2008


December 26, 2008

Today has been quiet. Very, very quiet. The usually sparse 6 a.m. traffic on my drive to the gym was even sparser. I got a parking space at the Y in a row that’s generally full when I get there. The locker room was eerily silent as I changed. There were other people working out when I got upstairs to the machines, but far fewer than usual. When I was done, I had my pick of showers, then made my way to work where it was only slightly more populated than on a weekend. I’ve been here almost eight hours now and have talked to four people; that’s quite sociable considering there are only about eight of us here altogether. My phone has rung exactly once; it was one of those warranty robocalls. It’s been so relaxing. I’d planned to go out at lunch and run errands, but I didn’t want to risk running into post-holiday bargain hunting crowds and breaking the spell.


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