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Archive for December 1st, 2008

Turkey Day Weekend

December 1, 2008

As we often do, Mr. Karen and I went to Illinois for Thanksgiving. This year we celebrated with his side of the family (I’d just seen my side two weeks ago, after all). We drove over on Thursday morning, and this time, unlike a couple trips in the past, we remembered about the post-parade traffic coming out of downtown and thus avoided it. Once we got to Dale and Joan’s, I’m sure we did things other than eat and talk, but what they were I cannot now recall, other than the late night walk Mr. Karen and I took in an attempt to burn off at least a few of those extra calories we’d ingested.

Friday afternoon we all (me, Mr. Karen, his sister and her husband, Dale and Joan) piled into one car to go to Chicago. (And by “car” I mean a regular full-size sedan, not an SUV, not even a crossover—we were getting some seriously high passenger miles per gallon, and only a few of us lost feeling in our extremities due to the cramped conditions.). We amazed ourselves by being ready to go not just on time but early; we ended up being able to go see the decorations at Macy’s (formerly known as Marshall Field’s) before our dinner reservation. We ate at a wonderful restaurant just around the corner from Symphony Hall, where we saw the CSO perform that night. I’d never seen that caliber of orchestra live before; it was excellent, and even the piece I didn’t care for that much musically was at least interesting to watch.

At weekend’s end, I hitched a ride home with Fay and her family, as Mr. Karen was staying over until Monday and I had to be back for work. For part of the drive, I shared the back seat with our furry nephew Dbase the yellow lab. He slept a lot of the time, but in between naps he experimented with different ways of putting his butt in my personal space–I’m not sure if he just wanted to be close to me or if he was trying to send the message that it would be better if I got out of the car entirely.

Pictures from the weekend are here.


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