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Archive for August 18th, 2008

Tech Talk

August 18, 2008

Not so long after I posted my last entry, I realized I forgot two projects that really should be on the list: a baby quilt that a group of us plan to make for an arrival expected in October (not that we’ve done any more planning than saying “hey, we should make a quilt for them” to each other) and a tv cover. Yes, a tv cover. We got a new set last month—the second one we’ve bought in the 21 years we’ve been married—and it’s bigger than the old one so it’s hard to miss in the small room even when it’s not on so why not make it decorative and interesting instead of having it loom there all blank-like? Anything I come up with has got to be better than the old sheet we’ve been using to keep the dust and cleaning lady off of it. Mr. Karen’s already made the mounting bracket for this quilt I’ve not yet started, so perhaps I should get moving on that project (I do have an idea, so that’s something). But I’ve been distracted by watching the tv. Friends who got digital service before us would say things like “I’d never go back”, which seemed a bit overblown to me, but seriously? I don’t want to go back either. There’s just so much detail to see, and you know how I love details. That vein popping out on the shoulder of an Olympic rower each time he took a stroke—I never would have been able to see that before. Is my life better for having seen it? Nah, but it sure was cool. The only drawbacks I’ve seen so far are we lost some channels in the upgrade—the package we used to have is no longer offered, so we got switched to another one with less stuff—and the DVR fills up pretty quickly when the Olympics are on.

In other technology news, I am afraid my iPod is dying. It was fine for my run Saturday morning, but Sunday when I grabbed it to listen to some podcasts while folding laundry, the battery was dead. Since it had plenty of reserve when I finished my run and I hadn’t used in the meantime, that was puzzling. It got less puzzling when I plugged it into the wall adapter and saw it reboot itself repeatedly. I tried turning it off and it ignored me. I tried looking up my most recent workout so I could jot down those numbers in case I had to “restore” the nano like I did the last time it exhibited this behavior, but the Nike+ data wouldn’t load completely. I put it away and moped for a while. This morning, I plugged it into the adapter again and it kept doing the reset/ignore Karen thing, but when I connected it to my PC (at work, because Purple Systems is happy to have me store my library on work resources) it was like nothing had ever been wrong—iTunes recognized it, my workout data got uploaded, I ejected the nano and turned it off as usual. That was a nice surprise. To be on the safe side, I copied all my workouts onto my PC hard drive and deleted everything before June from the nano just in case the number of workouts stored was causing a problem (even though I can’t find anything online to indicate that would be the case). So I’m not so afraid now as I was yesterday, but it is almost two years old and I’ve read that’s about how long they last, which seems a shame but what can you do.

(P.S. Yes, I realize I am very fortunate to have such problems.)

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