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Archive for July 30th, 2008

Gone but not Forgotten

July 30, 2008

Denise and I went to the guild quilt show this past weekend. I took many, many pictures of the pieces on display but have put off sorting through those because I first wanted to deal with the many, many pictures I took in cemeteries in Ohio on my way to and from Columbus last month. And now I have, editing the multitudes into this set on Flickr. (So at this rate, expect the set for the quilt show to go up in late August.)

At some point I might lose interest in wandering old burial grounds and admiring the artistry in the headstones and speculating about the lives of the people commemorated on them, but for now I’m still captivated. I appreciated how there were different designs in Ohio than I’d seen in Michigan, even for stones of the same vintage. In Ohio, I saw a lot of what I’m calling “books on scarves” designs, which I don’t recall ever coming across in Michigan. There was a fair bit of variation in these—one book or two, more or less draping—and that was interesting to see. There were also a fair few gateway headstones (the husband and wife each get their own column but the two are joined at the top with an arch). Some of the stones were signed near the base by the firm which carved them; I haven’t noticed that before. I suppose it’s sort of curious that I like looking at other people’s headstones so much when I don’t plan to have one of my own (I’m bound for ashes, which at one point I wanted scattered by The Beast at King’s Island, back when we went there every summer; I should rethink that now that I haven’t been there in years).

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