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Archive for May 16th, 2008

The Office

May 16, 2008

I don’t often write about work because I feel like spend enough time and energy on Purple Systems stuff as it is, but this week at work was a particularly good one and I don’t want to let it slip by unremarked upon. It got off to a rather disconcerting start on Monday morning, when my boss’s boss came into my office and closed the door behind him. I didn’t think I was being fired, since I had a review a month ago and got a decent raise and wasn’t told I needed to change anything, but still, unsettling. Turned out he wanted to ask if I’d take on a team leader role. It’s considered a promotion, though there’s no immediate salary increase involved or even new business cards. There are free lunches during the team leader meetings, and I’ll get more permissions on the system, so it’s not without rewards. I’ll be moving up one level on the org chart (it’s a lot less flat than when I started with the company) and be responsible for managing three people on my team. The change wasn’t announced until yesterday to allow time to notify the people affected, so I didn’t want to write about it here on the off chance that someone from work is reading.

That news aside, this week I also managed to delight a customer who once made my cry he was so critical of how I handled one of his requests. He’d asked for a specific change to a screen, and I thought of an approach I thought would work better so proposed doing that instead. He replied that it sounded like a great idea and to go ahead. I deployed the change today and within 15 minutes got an e-mail (complete with multiple exclamation points) praising how much better the screen was working and saying the person who used it the most was amazed. I still feel all warm and glowy about it (though part of that may be the riesling I had after dinner).

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