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Archive for May 12th, 2008

Oh Anklets, Where Art Thou?

May 12, 2008

In the department of things I’ve spent entirely too much time thinking about lately and now am going to spend even more time on by writing about: socks. Specifically, a pair of white and grey REI brand mini crew socks that have been a staple in my running wardrobe since fall of 2006. I bought two pairs of them, but now I only have one pair. Rather, I can only find one pair, but since it’s been about two weeks since I saw the other and in that time I’ve done the laundry twice and the cleaning lady’s been once, I think I must accept that the missing pair is just gone. Where it went, I do not know. My socks rarely deviate from the drawer to feet to laundry bag to washer to dryer to laundry basket back to drawer cycle (unless I am traveling, which I was not) but these did, and it bothers me a lot more than I think it should. They’re socks. They were nice socks, yes, but I have the other pair still and plenty of other socks besides, and it’s not like they were hand knit or of tremendous sentimental value. Yet when I realized they were missing, I didn’t just shrug and figure they’d turn up or they wouldn’t, I searched. I went through all four laundry bags (whites, lights, brights, and darks a.k.a. nights). I looked in my sock drawer several times. I looked in drawers that have nothing to do with socks. I shook out the sheets that I’d washed but not yet folded. I peered into the empty washing machine. I squinted to see under the dresser. I braved the dust bunnies behind the dryer. I unmade the bed since that’s where I’d folded the clean laundry the socks should have been in. I scolded myself for not taking better care of my things, for not paying closer attention. Yesterday I tried to buy a replacement pair, but REI doesn’t seem to make quite the same sock anymore. Writing this, it occurs to me that there’s one place I didn’t look—under the couch. That’s where my last lost sock turned up, long after I’d thrown away its mate. So now I’m nursing a tiny bit of hope that I will find my missing socks yet, even though there’s no good reason they should be under the couch. One of them, perhaps I could make a case for but not both of them? Still, until I get home and look, I can imagine they’re there, waiting for me. If they are not, I really need to move on already.

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