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Archive for March 21st, 2008

Billy the Bookcase Says Hello

March 21, 2008

I have a three-day weekend and instead of taking advantage of it to travel, I’m staying home. Mr. Karen has a four-day weekend and went south to kayak, so I’m free to decide what to do and when (within limits, of course–buying a puppy is right out, for instance). It’s early enough yet that all things still seem possible. Not crazy things like running a marathon or even getting the photo album up to date, but semi-reasonable things like getting most everything on my to do list done. This despite the fact that I spent most of last night sitting on the couch and knitting while watching the astronauts do caulking and spackling in space.

I’ve just now crossed one thing off my list, as I’ve been to IKEA and back already this morning. I got the things on my list (the purpley plum bedspread I’ve regretted not buying for months now and some magazine holders to tame the stacks on the living room shelves), seriously considered but did not get some things not on my list (a window shade for my office, sheer curtains in purple and/or orange for my bedroom, a big cloth covered box to put mail in), and seriously considered and did get some other things not on my list (a small cloth covered box that’s a much more reasonable size for mail since I shouldn’t have that much hanging around if I’m on top of things, a medium sized cloth covered box to replace the plain cardboard one we use for recycling in our home office, and a blank book to use as a journal) .

Sitting here typing is not going to get anything else on my list done, so I’m off.

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