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Archive for February 17th, 2008

A Week in the Life

February 17, 2008

I’ve spent the whole past week feeling varying degrees of stuffed up and miserable as the cold I picked up in Colorado has been working its way through my system. A more sensible person would have stayed home from work for at least a day or two and tried to rest up, but I did not. I felt it would look bad if I bailed on my colleagues right after I got back from vacation and besides there’s so much work to do. While I was gone, I got put in charge of five more software modules, doubling what I had before. I’d done pretty much nothing with a couple of the new ones before taking them over, so that’s been um, interesting. At least I won’t have to hunt for billable hours anytime soon.

CuidadoTuesday would have been an excellent day to stay home, as we had a snowstorm that turned my normally one hour drive home into a two hour and fifteen minute extravaganza, and that was without having to go by any of the accident sites on the traffic report. (Though a dude in a Hummer was doing his best to change that; zooming down the shoulder of the freeway and then cutting back into traffic when he came upon a disabled vehicle parked in his way. Mr. Karen pointed out that he could have been rushing to the hospital or something, but I tend to think he just had a really big ego and very small brain.) When I finally did get home, I was cheered up by seeing that not only had Mr. Karen shoveled the snow, he’d also gotten flowers to surprise me. Going to work the next morning was a little better; that only took an hour and forty-five minutes. At least there was a lot of pretty ice to look at on buildings and trees and stuff.

Yesterday I slept for almost twelve hours overnight and later took a nap, which gave me so much energy that I managed to watch tv and knit at the same time–something I hadn’t felt up to in days. (Running, of course, has been out of the question, which makes me sad. On the bright side, my sense of taste is so dulled that I’ve lost all the weight I gained on vacation plus some.) Our big outing to the grocery store did pretty much wipe me out later in the day, but I still think things are looking up.

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