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Archive for December 18th, 2007

Oh Office Tree

December 18, 2007


Yesterday I added ornaments to the tree I put up in my office Friday night. Even before I finished I got compliments on it. A couple people did say it made them feel like a slacker; they didn’t even have a tree up at home, they said, and here I was with a tree in the office. Those people felt much better when I told them I don’t have a tree at home and don’t plan to have one, that this tabletop version with a dozen ornaments is going to be it for my holiday decorating.


One year ago today, there was no entry.

Two years ago, I looked back at July.

Three years ago, it was Saturday. I wish it were Saturday now.

Four years ago, I was thinking about a new car. A couple months later we got the Focus I’m driving now, the one that’s got over 88,000 miles on it.

Five years ago, I was feeling Grinchy.

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