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Archive for September 18th, 2007

Gotta Love a List

September 18, 2007

Things I’ve been doing instead of laundry over the past several days:

1. Drove home Friday night worried that my nano was dying. It was fine until I disconnected it from my PC, at which point it refused to turn off and started resetting itself every few minutes.

2. Arrived home and connected the nano to the laptop, at which point I was able to copy all my Nike+ workout data to the computer’s hard drive so at least I wouldn’t lose that. Performed various actions suggested on various websites, stopping and restarting things, plugging things into other things and then unplugging them, eventually convincing the nano that it’s okay to synch and okay to turn off. Felt relieved.

3. Got up early Saturday morning and went to quilt guild. Watched another woman knitting during the business meeting portion and was delighted when it turned out she was our speaker for the day, Katie Pasquini Masopust, since that meant surely she wouldn’t be offended if I kept knitting during her talk. She gave a very entertaining presentation, too.

4. Had a chance to talk to Denise during breaks in show and tell and after the meeting; I haven’t seen her in ages and it was good to be able to catch up at least a little.

5. Picked up new glasses. Somewhat chagrined to discover they’re from the Joan Collins collection.

6. Got home to find our friend Eli had not yet arrived from Chicago. Watched groundhog eating birdseed on patio. Watched fox squirrel cautiously approach groundhog and then run right at it, causing groundhog to scurry into the nearby bushes. Watched fox squirrel and groundhog make peace and eat birdseed together.

7. Welcomed Eli when he showed up. Went for run while he and Mr. Karen did guy stuff; nano worked fine. Neglected to upload run data to Nike site or copy to laptop hard drive.

8. Got up Sunday in time to be dressed when friends arrived to caravan downtown for tailgating before Lions-Vikings game. Ate weight of own head in cheddar brats. Turned down 100 proof shots from drunk guy who wandered over to introduce himself and find out if we were from Minnesota.

9. Watched football game. Watched Lions fail to score winning field goal near end of regulation. Watched Vikings fail to score winning field goal 35 seconds later. Watched overtime, in which Lions managed to make winning field goal. Dealt with Lions fans unsure of how to act when team is 2-0.

10. Said goodbye to Eli. Came down with a bad cold. Fumed that have too many things going on at work to stay home sick and sleep.

11. Connected nano to desktop, which does not recognize it. Disconnected nano to find it again refusing to turn off and restarting itself over and over. Connected to laptop, unable to get workout data off or iTunes to recognize but manage to convince nano to shut down normally after a while. Afraid to connect nano to anything at this point.

12. Put up a bunch of pictures on Flickr.

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