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Archive for August 1st, 2007

Ice Etiquette

August 1, 2007

At PurpleSystemsSouth, we have a sophisticated ice making and dispensing system consisting of four trays to make ice cubes (until another one breaks in which case we’ll have fewer or until Kroger has them on sale again during dollar days in which case we’ll have more) and one bin to store completed cubes. I have started my workday annoyed the last two mornings when I’ve gone to get ice for my pop (soda/fizzy water/whatever you want to call it) and found the bin empty. One of those days, not only was the bin empty, but one of the trays had several cubes missing. In my world view, the ice cube bin is like the toilet paper roll: polite and civilized people do not leave it empty. If one takes the last ice cube out of the bin, one should empty at least one of the trays into it and then refill the tray with water so there is ice for the next person and the time never comes when both bin and trays are empty. If one finds an empty bin because the last person was not polite and civilized, one does not just pick cubes out of a tray and leave it for the next person to deal with. Evidently some of my coworkers feel differently. Perhaps these particular coworkers are just so young that they have no experience with non-automatic ice making and don’t know how it works. Perhaps they’re just lazy, lazier than me even.

Or perhaps I’m just extra cranky. I’ve been tired all week, even though I haven’t been staying up particularly late or getting up early. Now I wonder if I’m coming down with something. It didn’t occur to me to start taking Airborne when Mr. Karen said he wasn’t feeling well last night; today, he stayed home sick and my head feels like it’s filled with goopy cotton balls. I took an Airborne earlier and will take another soon and hope that does the trick because I’ve got stuff to do tonight and tomorrow that really can’t be put off. Yeah, being all stuffed up and fatigued are not the worst problems in the world, I know, but I’d just as soon not have them.

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