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Archive for July 27th, 2007

Box o’ Random

July 27, 2007

Today’s lunchtime project: exploring the contents of the box of I never fully unpacked after I moved to this office from the building across the street. Since that move was over a year ago and the box has been sitting on my desk ever since, I figured it was time. Past time, but never mind that. Some of what I found (and this is the interesting stuff, if you can believe it):

–Spare bulbs for desk lamp, which came in handy immediately as I had one burned out and now am back up to full illumination. Now stored in one of my drawers, where I made room by removing some empty diet Coke cans I hadn’t gotten around to taking home to be returned to the store to get the deposit back.

–Food-related items: chip clips, chopsticks (the kind that can be washed and reused), chopsticks (the cheap disposable kind), NutriSystem black beans and rice (just add boiling water) dated October, 2005, tablespoon measure, slightly crushed tin of Altoids Citrus Sours with a mass inside formed from about ten pieces of candy melted together by age and maybe heat (now residing in my trash can), package of cranberry apple winter tea (never opened), several empty tins formerly containing mints and such that I’m hanging onto because they seem like the kind of thing that might come in handy one day.

–Miscellaneous office supplies, included unopened 3-pack of Eeyore mechanical pencils .

–Mood altering aids: aromatherapy mini-kit that I never did anything with but sniff the box, compact mirror with purple case and the words “you’re perfect” framing one’s reflection, pretty card with “imagine a world of peace and beauty” under the picture.

–Plastic stuff of no use: belt clip for a cellphone I no longer have, adapters for a shredder I took home and abandoned in the basement, part of a lamp I never figured out what to do with even when I had the lamp in my office which I no longer do, two 3.5″ diskettes, both unlabeled, faux pearl lanyard.

–Paper stuff of no use: weekly calendar pages for 2004, guide for phone system we had two offices ago, hang tag from desk chair, business cards for people whose information I can more easily access electronically, office phone extension list from 2002. (That last does have some sentimental value because it harks back to a day when there were only 39 people in the whole company. Amazingly, 35 of them still work here today—three of them left and came back they missed it so much.)

And now the box is empty and flattened out to be taken home to recycle. I feel good about that, especially since I didn’t just take all the stuff from the box and shove it into my drawers. Only most of it ended up in my drawers. Maybe I’ll clean those out next year.

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