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Archive for June 25th, 2007

Week in Review

June 25, 2007

Monday, and I haven’t posted here in a week. I meant to, but never quite managed to translate my good intentions into any complete entries. This happens so often that my hard drive is cluttered with files named things like “00eh.doc”–two lines about how Hudson’s became Marshall Field’s became Macy’s which now spark no recollection of what point I was planning to make. There’s yet another decluttering opportunity for me, though right now I need to not get distracted by cleaning up those folders or I won’t finish this entry either.

So, where did the week go? I spent most of those hours at work or sleeping, more of the former than the latter, as per usual. I wrote some new code and changed some old code and squashed a bug or two. Unlike some other weeks, I lucked out and had no meetings and no customer problems popping up in the late afternoons as they often seem to do. Plus I got paid, so all in all a good week.

I went to PT twice and have made enough progress that I got two more exercises and one more stretch added to my routine. I also got a bruise from the pre-workout adjustment on Thursday but I can’t really complain because my hip felt a lot better after that adjustment than before. I went to the state park to run for the first time this year; I’d forgotten how nice it is to be out there in the forest. I was supposed to do a 1-mile race with some of my friends from work yesterday, but due to leaving our meeting place a little late and the race being a little disorganized, we missed the start. Oh well. We ended up walking around town instead, and the brunch afterward was still fun.


I went to a quilt shop for the first time in two months (around here that counts as amazing restraint) and came home with just a few stash additions, as seen above. I know I’ve said I don’t need any more fish or yellow-green, but these fish on lime are so cute and they have flowers with them. I’m fairly sure I don’t have any fish and flowers prints. As far as the other prints go, um … I just liked them.

I finished re-reading Goblet of Fire and now only have about 1500 pages of Harry Potter to read before the last book comes out. After much pondering, I decided not to pre-order a copy of Deathly Hallows from Amazon but instead sign up for the release party at my local independent bookstore. I have never been to a release party before and there’s no guarantee I’ll have a similar chance in the future, so off I went to the shop to put my name on the list. I left somewhat confused, because after I filled in my information, the clerk made a point to tell me the party was going to be on the midnight between that Saturday and Sunday, which makes no sense. I though the point of the parties was to get the book as soon as possible–i.e. 12:01 a.m. on release day, Saturday, July 21. I found the shop’s MySpace page today and it does show the time for the party as 10 p.m. on that Saturday, so now I’ve got an e-mail into them for clarification. I want to support this shop, but I might have to go to a party at a chain store, as I’m determined not to be spoiled for this book the way I was for the last one and getting a copy in my hands as soon as I can is an important part of my strategy.

So those are the highlights of the last week. Given the forecast for today and tomorrow, the highlight of this week might turn out to be not getting heatstroke. I might just have to lay off the running until things cool back down into the 80s.

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