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Archive for April 19th, 2007

Raindrops on Roses

April 19, 2007

Today I thought I’d do a little spring cleaning and reorganize my browser bookmarks, which are long overdue for a good weeding out. It went as well as most other reorganizing projects I attempt, by which I mean not well at all. I started off full of enthusiasm, ready to streamline and update and otherwise make my list a thing of beauty and efficiency. I took care of the Accounting, Taxes, and Currency folder in almost no time at all, changing links for pages that had moved, renaming items for maximum clarity, deleting dead links. Beautiful.

I bogged down in the very next folder: Amuse. I originally set it up for places to visit when I need something to make me smile, like Stuff on My Cat, but after a while it became a sort of junk drawer where I put anything entertaining that didn’t fit anywhere else. Oh, Harry Potter fanfic, I remember that. I should have probably set up a folder for that from the start, but I didn’t and now it’s all mixed in with other stuff, like the Philosophers Alphabetical Index, which I don’t recall why I bookmarked at all. And what about the “inspired by Harry Potter” knitting links? Shouldn’t they go in the Knitting folder I do have? Or should I set up one HP folder with subfolders for fic and knitting? Or should I ditch the fic links entirely since I can’t remember the last time I read any?

Rather than settle those questions, I clicked through links in the folder and got distracted by things I’d forgotten about. The Comics Curmudgeon–so funny! (And so many entries I have not read–why not catch up on a few right now!) The Japanese cartoon capybara wearing a rose petal collar–so incomprehensible! Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator–so oddly entrancing!

Before I knew it, playtime was over and I had to stop clicking miscellaneous links and get back to writing code and answering questions about screens and reports and taking more Airborne to stave off the cold that’s been lurking around most of the week. I guess I made some progress with my lunchtime spring cleaning. That first folder is a joy to behold, or as much of a joy as anything with links to cost accounting documentation and the IRS can be. A folder a day and it’ll be all tidied up by Memorial Day, except I fear some folders will take more than a day, like Stuff. I don’t even want to open that one. Stuff? What was I thinking?

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