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Archive for February 6th, 2007


February 6, 2007

It’s cold here. Not as cold as some other places, but still, seriously cold. So cold the windshield washer on my car has been frozen up for the last two days—I’ve found myself wishing we had annoying squeegee guys at major street corners so I wouldn’t have to keep wiping at the grime with a wad of McDonald’s napkins. So cold the automatic garage door opener has needed lots of help—it rather defeats the purpose when I have to get out of the car with the remote in my hand, press the button, and grab the garage door handle to assist with both opening and closing. So cold I haven’t gone running since Saturday morning just before the cold front blew in—though I wondered if I was being wimpy, since I didn’t even try last night, and I did see a guy out jogging this morning, but then I remembered that he at least had the benefit of it being light out so someone might see his cooling body in time to drag him inside should some mishap occur.

I did brave the cold to run an errand at lunch. “Brave” is overstating it; I just had to scurry from heated building to car to heated building and back. I did pause in my scurrying when a guy in a truck pulled up to block my path; he asked if I knew where there was a health food store nearby, and when I said I didn’t, asked about a grocery store, to which I replied with vague directions to a strip that might have one (not being near home, I only knew where the fast food, yarn stores, and quilt shops were in the area). He then handed me a mini-newspaper, to thank me for being so helpful. Since I was not helpful at all, I suspect his main purpose was passing out literature.

If there had been a trash can outside the store I was headed into, I would have just tossed the paper, but there wasn’t, so I stuffed it in my bag. I just came across it again, and it turns out it’s a Seventh-day Adventist publication. I do not have time to read all ten pages of tiny print, so unfortunately whatever wisdom might be contained therein is lost on me. There have got to be more effective ways to proselytize, though I’d rather be handed a pamplet on the street than have someone show up at my door unannounced. Dude just needs a better pamphlet to even have a chance.

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