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Archive for December 19th, 2006


December 19, 2006

I didn’t intend to take four days off from the Internet just then. I did plan to take some time off work and go to Utah with Mr. Karen to ski, which is exactly what happened. I brought the laptop with me and imagined I’d get online each day after we got back from the slopes; that didn’t happen at all. It wasn’t for lack of access; the hotel had high speed (for a fee) in the rooms and wireless (free) in the lobby, but I decided to take a break. The only time I got the computer out was to put it in a bin to go through airport security. When we wanted a snow report, we used the phone—very old school.

I’ll do a full trip report soon; for now, here’s a quiz based on the view from our hotel room. Fill in the blank in the following business name: Star _______ Parlor. Hint: it’s not “tattoo” or “beauty”. Stumped? The answer is here.

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