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Archive for December 8th, 2006

I Take It Back

December 8, 2006

Remember when I was pissed at the FM transmitter I’d gotten for my nano and was going to take it back to the store? Well, I didn’t take it (the transmitter) back, but I did take it (my cursing) back and am no longer annoyed with it. Two events led to this change of heart. First, I found a frequency. (It’s 90.1, in case you ever drive in the same parts of metro Detroit as I do. This frequency sounds like it shouldn’t work, as there’s an NPR station broadcasting there that is static-y but not all that weak, but it does work. I only get interference once in a great while now.)

Second, Lisa (whom I would link but I don’t know where she’s at these days, as I never took the advice on her old journal to change my bookmark) shared the approach that worked for her; I tried it and it worked for me, too. Here’s the secret: it’s like casting a spell—certain steps need to be done in a certain order. First, turn on the radio, tune to the magic frequency, and then turn off the radio. Second, plug in the transmitter thingy, tune it to the magic frequency, then turn on the iPod and make sure it’s playing (not that you will be able to hear it because the radio is off but that’s what the little screen is for). Third and last, turn on the radio. (P.S. do not get so excited that it sounds good that you forget which knob on the radio is volume and which is tuning and thus turn the wrong one and mess up the whole setup. Not that I’ve done that, you understand.)

So I can happily listen to my nano in my car, which is a very good thing as it’s winter here now and I spent an hour and forty-five minutes getting to work yesterday because oh no, the roads were snow-covered and how could anyone be expected to drive sensibly in those conditions, not this early in the season. Shuffle kept me sane.

Confidential to Bev: can you e-mail me to tell me which version(s) of Sexy Back I should have on my iPod?!!? Tommy Novy Ibiza Dub? Pokerface Remix? What?

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