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Road Trip Stats

October 23, 2006

Back at work today after a full week away, which I spent on a road trip through the southern U.S. with Mr. Karen. I’ll do a full trip report soon, but until then, here are some data points—

Miles traveled: 3302
States driven in/through: 14 (MI, OH, IN, IL, MO, AR, TN, MS, LA, AL, GA, SC, NC, KY)
States slept in: 7
Buffets eaten at: 4

Lowest price paid for gas: 1.979 in Valley Park, Missouri
Highest price paid for gas: 2.239 in Lima, Ohio

Considering motels which had free internet access which I tried to use—
Best: Ramada Inn, Montgomery, AL (which was very surprising, because it wins the prize for most rundown motel we stayed at, though they were in the process of renovating, a process which mostly seemed to involve shoveling concrete bricks into a metal wheelbarrow outside our window early in the morning)
Worst: Residence Inn, Jackson, MS

Friends and family members seen: 10
Horses petted: 2
Baby goats stealing of contemplated: 1

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